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The Guidelines Of Holding Space
Holding space is an activity that requires an individual to take time before they begin to practice it. holding space is an activity tat involves you being there for someone else. Holding space can also involve you being there for another person emotionally. Therefore, for you to hold space for another, you must practice the act of listening and also being aware of how your past may influence how you react. You listen when you are still aware of your emotions so that you cannot be affected by another person’s feelings. This way, you must act as a therapist. It calls for you being engaged in the scenario and not being in the shoes of your partner. You must try all you can to avoid making a judgement.

There are several tips that should help you hold space for someone else. You must allow your partner to express freely with your permission. This should be done without fearing to be judged or loss of privacy of the things the clients says. You must ensure that you acknowledge their thoughts and feelings as being valid as well as important. You must be keen on your actions and reactions by ensuring that you don’t make a judgment. Avoid questions and comments. If you want to, you can wait until there is a break or in the end of the conversation. This will create you time to think of what of what to say. You must also avoid becoming defensive or even trying to give the solution to the situation. If you feel like you want to give a solution about the matter, you can save it for another day. Do not agree or disagree. You must always trust that the client or the companion that he or she has the skills to navigate about the situation and when they need the help, they will come to you.

Below are some other tips that should help you out when holding space. One is that you must practice loving kindness. Avoid being aggressive at anytime. compassion will create an environment where the individual can find solutions. It will also create a positive environment where the other person can think.

Ensure that you listen deeply. This involves understanding the matter. The listening may also include taking the matter and understanding it deeply. This way, you must choose to be a good listener and for this reason you will allow the other person to be open and say everything that is in the heart and mind.

When you are holding space, you must ensure that you breath. This keeps you grounded. You will also stay connected to the body and for this reason, you will be able to connect with the other person. This will create a space where you lose all you arrogance and for this reason, you will be able to connect with the other person and listen to what they have to say.

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